We are the “Programme” and the “Programmer” of our Reality

j0390093We are constantly picking up energies from “the field” around us.

For example, you might feel good about your job, but then you read a newspaper article that says that your particular industry, or sector, will soon be laying off thousands of people, and you start to worry!

We call this running energy, or running a programme in SRT.

Much like a computer runs programmes, we – as consciousness – also run them. Yet we are both the programmer and the programme. We are not the ‘victims’ of our genes, regardless of the established medical misbelief in the primacy of DNA – that is a false paradigm that disempowers us at a stroke, and keeps us all as “cash cows” for Big Pharma.

In the example just given, the system of SRT would say that you identified with a particular energy, and thus ran an “identification” programme – accompanied by the major energies of “doubt”, “fear” and “doom and gloom”.

This Universe is governed by timeless spiritual laws. The Law of Mind Action, closely related to the Law of Attraction, says that what we attach energy to, we create. Put another way, your internal filters determine how you see the world, and how you respond to external events.

We can prevent negative programmes running by staying out of judgment. We prevent them running by living more consciously – by having greater awareness of what what we choose to think moment to moment.

Once a programme is running, we can stop the programme through the practice of forgiveness, or by clearing through SRT.  In the latter case, we ask the High Self to replace negative energies with positive energies. As Abraham-Hicks said, “Ask and It is Given”.

For example, High Self can replace the negative energies of “doubt”, “fear” and “doom”, with the positive energies of “confidence”, “trust” and “positive expectation”. This has an immediate effect on the well-being of the client.

However, there is a role for the client to play – and that is to become more responsible for their own lives.

We must all let go of negative identification and self-talk, replacing it with constructive self-talk to ensure a balanced, harmonious state of being.

The conscious mind is the programmer of our reality. We choose what we allow in, whether that is the mental garbage spewed out by much of today’s press and media, or whether that is nourishing information in the form of “new age” books, and so on.

One of the most important things you can do is programme your mind with positive thoughts!

As Ghandi said,

“Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

Jaime Tanna

SRT/SpR Teacher, and Founder & Director of Energy Therapy

To book an in-person or remote SRT session with Jaime, visit: http://www.energytherapy.biz/spiritualresponsetherapy/

To book an in-person or remote SpR session with Jaime, visit: http://www.energytherapy.biz/spiritualresponsetherapy/spiritualrestructuring.php

To learn SRT, contact Jaime or visit the retreats and courses page.

Thyroid malfunction? Clearing the endocrine system with SRT

shutterstock_127653209A malfunctioning thyroid gland seems to be very commonplace today, with a marked increase in prescription drugs for hypothyrodism and hyperthryroidism.

That’s good news for Big Pharma, bad news for all those affected, as thyroid medication is often prescribed for the long-term, and often is required for life!

A gland is a group of cells that produces and secretes, or “gives off”, chemicals – known as hormones – for use somewhere in the body. The system that is responsible for glands and hormones is the endocrine system, which has a powerful influence on the health and wellbeing of the body.

Much of modern medicine today looks to regulate imbalances of the endocrine system through the use of drugs.

As the body’s chemical messengers, hormones transfer vital information and key instructions from one set of cells to another. Many different hormones move through the bloodstream, but each type of hormone is designed to affect only certain cells, or groups of cells (organs).

The thyroid gland, along with the hypothalamus and the pituitary, play a crucial role on regulating the metabolism.

When working with Spiritual Response Therapy, a spiritual-energetic system of healing, many practitioners will also use a wonderful sub-system called Spiritual Restructuring. This allows us to work more directly with client’s physical body, and make “corrections” that help the body (as a whole system) to come back into harmony and wholeness.

Practitioners of Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring understand that the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus are actually physical representations of the “third-eye” (located at “ajna centre”).

The pineal is one-third of the “third eye” and is responsible for the nervous system, the pituitary makes up another third of the “third eye” and is responsible for the endocrine system, and the hypothalamus makes up the final third of the “third eye”, and is responsible for the immune system.

If the third eye is energetically blocked (in SRT circles, we say that the body is “running energy”), serious problems in these three glands and their corresponding systems can result.

The pituitary gland is responsible for producing thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), the hormone messenger that stimulates the production of thyroxine from the thyroid. If the pituitary gland is energetically blocked, this can cause problems with the thyroid.

Thyroid malfunction may also show up as an iodine deficiency, since the thyroid gland uses iodine to produce the thyroid hormone (making iodine an essential nutrient). Iodine is usually obtained through food, water, iodized salt, and supplementation.

An under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism) means your body is not producing enough of the hormones thyroxine (T4), and tri-iodothyronine (T3). When thyroxine is in short supply, the metabolic rate nearly always decreases and body-weight usually increases. The degree of heat production (thermogenesis) is also affected to some extent.

An over-active thyroid (hyperthyroidism) indicates an over production of thyroxine or tri-iodothyronine, which almost always decreases body weight by sending the metabolic rate into overdrive.

No single cause has been found for thyroid malfunction. Yo-yo dieting, extreme dieting, smoking, taking certain meds, poor digestion along with poor absorption of key minerals and vitamins have all been linked to thyroid problems.

In SRT, we never diagnose. That’s the doctor’s job!

However, Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring both look at the body as a complete spiritual-energetic system. Any dis-ease is a result of negative programmes (beliefs, perceptions and judgments) that have been triggered, and thyroid malfunction is also viewed this way.

For those who understand that this lifetime is not a “one time deal”, Spirit will often indicate that negative programming running in this life will often have its roots in past lives/experiences. These energies can be cleared. Spirit will also apply spiritual healing energy directly to affected parts of the body.

By clearing the body’s systems using a spiritual- energetic approach, this can greatly assist the body to self-balance, and even completely heal itself in some cases.

The body wants to be well, and in the absence of “energetic blocks”, many helpful changes can occur as the body’s systems come back into wholeness and balance. Even dependence on medication can be greatly reduced. However, it is important to keep taking prescription medication until your doctor says otherwise. Close, careful monitoring is essential.

The new science (“epigenetics”) says that we decide which programmes (in our DNA and chromosomes) we select and run. The majority of people tend to do this unconsciously, and thus feel they have no control over their bodies. This is a common misperception that disempowers us!

Complex drugs may serve us over the short term, but do not make sense over the long term. In fact, long term dependency on complex drugs often destabilise the body further, leading to secondary, and tertiary medication, with many unwanted side-effects.

All of the body’s systems are running off an energetic template. Like SRT, many other healing arts recognise this: Reiki, Jin Shin Do, Shiatsu, Pranic Healing, Acupuncture, T’ai Chi, Chi Gung/Qigong are just a few. All of these healing arts are looking to re-establish the natural energy flows within the physical body, which become sluggish with the passage of time and improper care.

The new biology is already here, even if our biology textbooks and institutions have not yet caught up! It is absolutely radical (and even heretical) to orthodox biologists and scientists but, really, this information is not new: rather, it simply confirms a truth that has been espoused by yogis and seers for thousands of years: we are the programmers of our own experience, and we can reprogram our DNA.

SRT is one such system of many today that gives us the ability to look within and replace the negative programmes we may be running with positive, supportive programming.

Jaime Tanna

SRT/SpR Teacher, and Founder & Director of Energy Therapy

To book an in-person or remote SRT session with Jaime, visit: http://www.energytherapy.biz/spiritualresponsetherapy/

To book an in-person or remote SpR session with Jaime, visit: http://www.energytherapy.biz/spiritualresponsetherapy/spiritualrestructuring.php

To learn SRT, contact Jaime or visit the retreats and courses page.

Essential reading: The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

Simplifying your life with SRT – Replacing confusion with clarity

shutterstock_90074638Spiritual Response Therapy, affectionately known as SRT, is a wonderful process of self-discovery, as well as a powerful method of inner purification.

For those in the know, we understand the process of SRT is about “clearing energies” (the negative ones!).

When we hit challenges, these are actually key opportunities for growth – but, often, we can get stuck in the emotions that we generate from within. Frustration, helplessness, revenge, bitterness, unforgiveness… these are all common energies that surface to be healed. If we don’t deal with them, they get pushed down inside, and they play havoc in our lives and relationships.

Only an understanding of why these energies (emotions) surface really helps us to put things into their correct perspective. Emotions that are not dealt with go into our “backpack”, and get heavier and heavier with the passage of time.

The truth of the matter is that we all have an Inner Being that is connected to a source of great power and infinite wisdom. There are many names for this source… the Soul, the Higher Self, Divinity and God are all names that have been given to this mysterious power.

Whatever label you want to put on it, the fact is that most people have forgotten how to call upon this source of love to guide them in their daily affairs. They feel that spirituality has nothing to do with material things but nothing could be further from the truth… Everything in this world is a but a reflection of unseen energies!

On the other hand, there are others who blindly follow the path of their religious teachings, within any serious inquiry as to whether all of the laws, rules and practices they follow are appropriate for them. Many are valid, but many are not.

Thankfully, spirituality is broader than religion, and can inform one’s desire to live a religious life, and also a life that is not overtly religious at all.

If you wish to fully enjoy your life, and to reap the most from your day to day, the key is to listen to the desires of your Soul and not just the desires of your Personality. If you are struggling, and find yourself trying to get through each day, rather than looking to see what you can get from each day, then you have most likely lost your way. You have lost touch with your True Self.

The choice is certainly not material versus spiritual. It is about making material choices that honour your spiritual self whilst in the physical body. This way you have “the best of both worlds”, quite literally.

When was the last time you woke up feeling excited about your day ahead, for no reason in particular? When was the last time you had that fabulous, head to toe feeling of joy!

In today’s fragmented, overloaded world, we need simple methods to help us tune back in, and to help us simplify our choices of living and interacting with each other. The conscious mind can easily become overwhelmed, distracted and confused by the constant bombardment of information that is happening as a result of major advances in technology. Many psychological illnesses are on the rise, as well as physical ones, stemming from our failure to recognise and honour our inner guidance.

We desperately need more of us to access our inner selves, so we can find the clarity and peace that is our birthright, and help us create a better world to live in.

SRT is one such tool.

Having an SRT clearing can be enormously empowering. I have seen it many times over the years, and still continue to witness miracles in the lives of my clients – some small, some big. As the grey clouds lift, a dazzling light illumines the path ahead.

The method of SRT can help us to contact this Inner Power again, with confidence that there is a power working for our highest and best good at all times.

Of course, learning SRT is better than simply having a clearing, although having a clearing is usually the first step for most. Just a few minutes of clearing negativity each day can revolutionise one’s life. No longer are we stuck in the “daily grind” of life that we have unwittingly co-created for ourselves.

Clearing through SRT gives us the ability to express ourselves positively in virtually all situations again, and this starts to become the default response. Unconscious reaction is replaced by deliberate, aware, loving responses to life’s biggest questions.

When we are clear, no longer will we allow ourselves to tolerate petty grievances and grudges because we understand the pain of carrying these energies inside. How liberating!

Once you move forward, aided by your Higher Self, you will never allow yourself to be pulled back into the fears and limitations of the past, or to drift aimlessly towards your future.

Your awareness will keep changing and you will keep seeing life from new vantage points. A magic will begin to flow through you as you find yourself emerging fearless, light, and free… as the invisible chains from present and past incarnations begin to dissipate and fall away.

Of course, no one can make you walk the path of your Soul and Higher Self. You have to willingly choose to step onto the road less travelled.

And so it is.

Jaime Tanna

SRT/SpR Teacher, and Founder & Director of Energy Therapy

To book an in-person or remote SRT session with Jaime, visit: http://www.energytherapy.biz/spiritualresponsetherapy/

To book an in-person or remote SpR session with Jaime, visit: http://www.energytherapy.biz/spiritualresponsetherapy/spiritualrestructuring.php

To learn SRT, contact Jaime or visit the retreats and courses page.

Healing the Spine with Spiritual Restructuring

spine20ensoThe etheric body is the twin body for the physical body – and it holds the “programming” for the whole body, including the spine and nervous system.

If there are negative energies/emotions running in the background, below the level of the person’s conscious awareness, this can “translate” as physical pain and/or dysfunction. Many medical tests are very useful to pick up any physical dysfunction, but they won’t pick up etheric imbalance or etheric ‘damage’.

For those open to the idea, the body also holds memories that can cause inexplicable pain from a medical viewpoint.

Many Past Life regression therapists, for example, will testify to random aches and pains in their clients’ bodies relating to body memories from other lifetimes. Unfortunately, our rather myopic science continues on refusing to acknowledge that which cannot be analysed using the very limited technology we have today.

By clearing the etheric body (the blueprint), and restoring subconscious integrity to the body’s subconscious mind, many ailments can be greatly alleviated, or even disappear altogether.

How quickly a healing manifests depends on the severity of the problem/condition, the length of time pain and dysfunction has been experienced by the client (i.e. how rooted the vibration is) as well as the state of the person’s energy system.

In the absence of negative energies (programmes that run), the body will seek to come back into balance. Often quickly.

An energetic-spiritual restructuring, and balancing of the energy system, can be done in-person or remotely. The whole concept of time and space is illusion as Einstein pointed out. Here are very recent testimonials (from May 2013), one from an “in-person” session, and another from a session that was carried out remotely:

“I had severe pain in my spine and the doctor said that my spine was twisted from top to toe. Every vertebra would stand in a different position. So no wonder I could not stand on both feet at once. Then, after the SRT and SpR work that Jaime did, I felt an enormous heat in the middle of the night in my spine and body. And I slept amazingly deep… my back felt good… warm. Then two days later, all pain vanished. I am pain free for the first time for years. ” SS, Austria.

“I had an SRT and Spiritual Restructuring session for chronic double disc prolapse and nerve root damage pain. I had never undergone this modality before, however after just one session, the pain is greatly reduced and movement/flexibility in my body has increased. I have been suffering pain for over 4 years, with traditional methods of injections, medication and such, not making much difference. I advocate such a session for anyone seeking relief from such a physical condition.” GM, London

From a spiritual point of view, every challenge moves towards greater spiritual growth and awareness of Self. Every time a challenge reveals itself, it is because we are ready to look at and heal whatever it is that is appearing in our lives.

Jaime Tanna

SRT/SpR Teacher, and Founder & Director of Energy Therapy

Read this article on exploring the paradigm shift that comes with understanding and accepting remote healing.

To book an in-person or remote SRT session with Jaime, visit: http://www.energytherapy.biz/spiritualresponsetherapy/

To book an in-person or remote SpR session with Jaime, visit: http://www.energytherapy.biz/spiritualresponsetherapy/spiritualrestructuring.php


SRT heals severe constipation in a 3 year old boy

constipationThis client testimonial speaks for itself. Whilst I am always thrilled to see a turn-around in the health and well-being of my clients, this story has a special place in my heart because the health challenges were severe and affecting a little boy of just three years old.

A client that I shall call Sarah contacted me to say her little boy, who I’ll call Lee, had severe constipation. This had been going on for about a year, off and on, getting considerably worse with the passage of time. When Sarah contacted me, Lee had not been able to go to the toilet for 13 days.

Anyone who has had any bowel trouble, and constipation in particular, will understand the amount of discomfort that Lee must have been going through. I really felt sorry for him.

Sarah emailed me to say:

“It’s been a tough time with Lee & the constipation he is suffering with.He hasn’t had a poo in 13 days! The doctor has given him Picolax as a two day course to push out the hard stool blocking his bowel. I picked up this evening but have not given it to him yet.

Lee holds back for as long as he can.The doctor said children are very good at holding back, which means it’s painful when they do eventually go, which in turn causes an awful cycle of events each time.

This medicine the doctor has prescribed seems a painful process which they said will cause tummy pain as the stool is coming out. As it will be a lot of pushing to remove the stool. Then they recommended Movicol & Senna as maintenance afterwards.

I really don’t want Liam to become reliant on laxatives to help him pass a stool.

The doctor said his bowel has become enlarged & floppy which in turn causes the bowel not to push & contract. It just feels he hasn’t been able to do anything a healthy boy should be doing at his age-as it totally restricts him from everyday life.”

Sarah had started Lee on homeopathic medicine and infant blend microbiotics 4 weeks prior to his mum contacting me, which had helped things a little but still it felt like there was a huge mountain to climb for both of them.

As Liam was so young, I recommend a remote SRT clearing because it would the easiest way of helping him. Young children rarely sit still for more than a few minutes and, frankly, it wasn’t necessary.

Spirit showed me many spiritual programmes that were “causing” the dysfunction, including “miasms” (just one can cause severe pain/dysfunction!), and negative energies of “illness” and “health abuse”. Blocked chakras were cleared, the cellular “memory” of the physical body was cleared, and subconscious integrity was restored – this is vital as the subconscious mind is responsible for our day to day health.

The energies of “health” and “wholeness” were restored.

I had a sense that all would be well, but had no idea of the timescale. I felt it could be quick, however.

I was delighted to receive this feedback, just two days after I had done the work, and emailed Sarah her son’s energy healing report:

“Dear Jaime,

Wow, Lee had so much going on! Thank you for healing all these areas! Since the healing Lee opened his bowels that evening. At first there was a little straining but after that no straining or pain! He hasn’t stopped all day yesterday either! I think thats his body clearing everything out. He has had no pain with the other bowel movements either, whereas before Lee would be in such pain and upset. Lee now seems so much happier in himself as well, as it must be a relief for him at last! He wanted to walk everywhere & run & have fun again! We all thank you so much for all the work you have done in the healing process for Lee. We will keep affirming all is well & leave everything in Spirits hands! I hope Lee’s healing journey is a quick one as I have already seen instant results already. Thank you once again!”

After many years of working with Spirit (spiritual consciousness), I still stand in awe of our ability to connect with this Non Physical energy to heal difficult conditions. Time and again, my clients’ health journeys have shown me that in the absence of negative, blocking energies, the body knows how to heal itself.

What our drug-based approach to medicine and wellness has yet to remember is that we cannot solve problems at the level they are created. In SRT, we say that healing will be much more effective once the programmes that underpin physical, emotional and mental distress are removed. This calls for a paradigm shift!

And so it is.

Jaime Tanna

SRT/SpR Teacher, and Founder & Director of Energy Therapy

Read this article on exploring the paradigm shift that comes with understanding and accepting remote healing.

To book an in-person or remote SRT session with Jaime, visit: http://www.energytherapy.biz/spiritualresponsetherapy/

To book an in-person or remote SpR session with Jaime, visit: http://www.energytherapy.biz/spiritualresponsetherapy/spiritualrestructuring.php

How remote healing works

purple_eyeWhen working directly with an expanded, energetic reality, there is no such thing as time or space. One just has to be open to it – which is not the same as belief, or faith healing.

We are not separate from the outside world, although it might appear this way since our five senses are generally “land locked” and we usually perceive our world through ordinary consciousness. Our subtle nervous system, on the other hand, has the capacity to transcend the constraints of our physical time-space reality and retrieve “non local” information from the Field. If we can access this consciously, we can work with it to great effect.

A person’s body can be located in three-dimensional space by identifying coordinates that place it somewhere on the Earth’s surface, using longitude and latitude. Similarly Earth, in turn, can be located in three dimensional space in relation to the sun and other planets.

However, instead of taking the 3D approach, the location of another “body” can be found through a refined attribute of consciousness that is a combination of thought and feeling. One simply holds that person “in thought” and feels/senses oneself in their presence. Then, through the laws of harmonic resonance, an aspect of one’s consciousness will “find” them.

In fact, anyone can do this – it is merely a question of developing this latent ability.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is my preferred way of working energetically and remotely with clients, and I have now had the privilege of working with people from all over the globe – including Scotland, the USA, Canada, Brazil, France, Austria and Sydney to name just a few places.

Many clients throughout the UK now opt to have remote SRT clearings, rather than travel to see me, once they test the water and experience the results for themselves.

Although a particular result cannot be guaranteed in advanced of doing clearing/healing work, I have found the results usually speak for themselves.

“It’s been 7 days since my remote clearing, and I’m a little bit amazed at how much better I’m feeling. I didn’t doubt that the therapy would help, but I was quite sceptical about the speed at which it’s supposed to start working. After speaking with Jaime, I felt this odd sense of peace and wellness for a while. I tried to sleep, but couldn’t. But I was able to lie down with my eyes closed, without any anxiety or panic – this hasn’t happened for ages. Yesterday I woke up in a rush of anxiety but it didn’t last long. And today I’ve woken up -for the first time in weeks- without any despair or anxiety. I’m feeling light and energised, and I actually feel able to tackle big and small chores without feeling overwhelmed. Here’s something interesting also – for the last several months, I have been pretty much living on painkillers, thanks to an old shoulder injury that returned with a vengeance. I’ve been worried about the impact on my liver and kidneys due to taking so many meds while I wait for a physiotherapy appointment. I just realised on Sunday that for the first time in about 6 months, I went for a whole 48 hours without any pain meds- and without any pain! I realise this could be yet another effect of the SRT clearing. It’s quite amazing!” SC

“I am thrilled with the help you have given me. The long-standing arthritis in my hands is almost not there anymore! As well, I am feeling far clearer in my head and much more peaceful, all thanks to your treatment!” MD

In the vast majority of cases, there is a high success rate for presenting conditions, much more so than conventional medical approaches which tend to mask symptoms.

However, it must be said that sometimes there will not be an immediate shift in the condition of the client/patient because each case is unique and there is no way of knowing the outcome in advance.

Actually, no doctor or healer can guarantee a particular result. One of the greatest deceptions of modern medicine today is its insistence that it can predict healing outcomes (i.e. THIS drug produces THAT result), even when clinical trials repeatedly demonstrate low success rates. We happily ignore this fact, and go on our almost blind faith in the ‘medicine’ we are offered. If it does work, how much of that is placebo I wonder? Not something Big Pharma would like to admit anytime soon.

Jaime Tanna

SRT/SpR Teacher, and Founder & Director of Energy Therapy

Read this article on exploring the paradigm shift that comes with understanding and accepting remote healing.

To book an in-person or remote SRT session with Jaime, visit: http://www.energytherapy.biz/spiritualresponsetherapy/

To book an in-person or remote SpR session with Jaime, visit: http://www.energytherapy.biz/spiritualresponsetherapy/spiritualrestructuring.php

Physical injuries that aren’t “physical”? Going beyond self-limiting beliefs with SRT.

shutterstock_76283098Let’s face it – most of us will experience pain through injury or illness during the course of our lives. It is just part and parcel of our learning experience here on Earth. Generally speaking, we humans like to avoid pain and will do everything we can do avoid it… but pain is a signal for us to pay MORE attention to our body, not less.

Our existing, dominant paradigm – based on a classical interpretation of biology – is to either run to the pharmacist or doctor for IMMEDIATE pain relief and/or a “fix me quick” solution. Spirit calls this “abdication of responsibility”.

The next solution, which is better, is to treat the injury and resulting pain from a purely physiological standpoint (often a doctor will refer the patient to a physio or osteopath) – this, at least, implies that the patient is willing to be involved in his/her own healing process. To take responsibility for their personal health.

Yet, only looking at the body from this perspective is very narrow and, at least from my own point of view, the process of healing often takes longer if the underlying spiritual-energetic root cause is not addressed. Why?

If the non-physical “energetic” template (etheric body) is faulty, the body will eventually go back to its injured pattern of health. Taking painkillers and doing “exercises”  fails to recognise that the whilst the result of the injury may be physical pain, the cause may not be rooted in the “physical” alone.

The cause of pain may be linked to the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies – which is NOT the same as saying that pain is simply psychosomatic in the medical sense of that term.

Through my own work, I have seen many instances where the injury and accompanying pain is obviously real and debilitating to the client, and there seems no way on God’s Green Earth that it could be something as intangible as an ‘energy blockage’. But the results of an energy-based session (or two) often prove otherwise.

Let’s explore a few real-life examples together to get a better handle on this energy-based approach to health and physical well-being.

A client, ST, was in her 60s and had not been able to lift her arm for about a week. She had been applying hot and cold compresses to the affected area, and her husband had massaged the area several times with anti-inflammatory creams but there had been hardly any improvement. She was on the verge of going to see her GP to ask for a cortisone injection.

Cortisone is often injected into the soft tissues and joints to reduce inflammation, and thus provide months of “pain relief”. Many people have learned to ask for them as part of “getting older”, and managing their pain levels.

Common modern-day complaints such as “tennis elbow”, “golfer’s elbow”, alongside foot, ankle, knee and shoulder injuries are usually treated by taking anti-inflammatory tablets and/or injecting the affected area(s) with cortisone.

However, it has come to light that cortisone injections often make things worse! Since the body actually heals itself by inflammation, the fact that cortisone inhibits the inflammatory process means that it actually blocks the healing process. It stops the migration of the immune cells to the injured area (this migration and repair process is what causes the pain), so the client/patient feels better but s/he now has a weakened structure that they believe is fine simply because the pain is gone!

Sadly, they may continue to do activities which severely aggravate the injured area as they are now “numb” to the pain signals that the body would normally send to alert them to stop! I wonder how many patients are made aware of this before they have them?

In the UK, treatments at the local GP are given for “free” on the National Health Service (NHS), so the real cost of the visit is hidden from the patient – but the GP/surgery still gets their nice fat paycheck, thank you very much. If people were to actually bear the full cost, they might actually think twice about it, and might seek out more robust, alternative healthcare which would actually enhance, rather than diminish, their well-being.

In the USA, it seems that the cost for visiting a private healthcare practitioner who can administer a shot will cost around $200-300! It may cost substantially more if the joint or area is quite large, such as a hip. I believe this cost may run into the $1,000s.

In the UK, a private GP practice may charge only £40-50 for the actual shot but the actual visit itself may cost £80 upwards, making the total cost at least £120. All this for possibly worse results over the long term!

Any healing that does happen, happens despite the cortisone injection being administered. The body somehow manages to do its job.

Regarding my client’s health, Spirit showed me something called a physical miasm in SRT (this terminology is recognised in homeopathic circles), which I cleared using SRT; and I also made some gentle adjustments (called “corrections”) to the shoulder using kinesiology and dowsing.

After a couple of days, my client informed me that all pain had disappeared and full mobility had returned to the shoulder. She was very surprised but obviously relieved and gave me the following testimonial to share:

“After doing some moderate exercise, I suddenly developed a very painful, sore shoulder to the point where I thought I would ask my doctor to give me a cortisone injection for the pain. I used a hot water bottle and my husband massaged the area every day but to little effect. Jaime cleared the problem using SRT. I didn’t believe that such a serious condition could be solved this way, nor so quickly, but thanks to Jaime my shoulder problem disappeared within a day or two and feels completely normal again. This proves to me that things aren’t always what they seem.” ST

So, the key question for any health issue then becomes, “to what degree is physical pain caused by an underlying energy-based pattern?” And, more importantly, “how can we address the energetic root cause, if there is one?”

Physical therapies obviously have their place in today’s world, and many physical therapists do fantastic work. However, I find there is still a great reluctance by the mainstream to look at energetic approaches first.

Where energy-based approaches are used in hospitals, for example Reiki, the viewpoint by the medical teams is that this approach only helps with “a bit of emotional healing” (soothing the patient), but the idea that it could racially shift the actual “physical” well-being of the client is often viewed with disdain. Pity.

“A disease process is evidence that something is amiss in the workings of the mind, and that’s where the power to effect a change resides.” David Hawkins, MD, PhD – Power vs Force

In my opinion, a combination of physical and energetic approaches will naturally produce the best result for the client.

Another client, SB, in her 40s, ended up on my doorstep because of a chronic bad back. She had been having physio for a few months, and her back had improved a lot. However, after months of improvement, she had suddenly had a relapse and the pain was intense. SB certainly did not relish the thought of several more months of physiotherapy.

I suggested that SB consider having a spiritual-energetic restructuring session to address any underlying energetic imbalance causing the dysfunction and pain in the lumbar spine. I explained that this system of healing recognises the innate intelligence of the body to heal itself, and works in harmony with that self-validating principle.

By means of finger-testing (applied kinesiology) and/or by using a pendulum, it is easy to ascertain the areas of body which need to be worked on and use light tapping movements along with specific breath techniques to facilitate a release of tension. Often great relief can be obtained in a single session but sometimes more sessions are needed. It just depends, and there is no way of knowing in advance as everyone is different.

SB winced into my healing practice, and gingerly got up on the massage couch. Spirit immediately showed me an underlying energetic imbalance in the area of the lumbar spine, which was corrected. I thought it might take several days for the physical body to come back into balance but the pain disappeared within 24 hours, and SB was quite astounded at the turnaround in her health.

“My back is much better, thank you! It hurts just a teeny bit when I walk for longer periods of time but it feels really good not to have pain! To be honest I am astonished with the healing result. How can the pain disappear so fast?!” SB

The fascinating thing about this approach, at least for me, is that energetic corrections can also be done “at a distance”, where the client is unable to travel.

My client ES was in her forties and had badly put her back out – she was, in fact, bedridden and desperate for help. The dilemma was she was in Kent and I was in London, and I didn’t have time to make a house visit, plus the cost would have been prohibitive for ES for me to attend in person.

ES had taken a energy-based training course with me several months before, so she was open to the idea of me working on her remotely. Certainly, it takes a high degree of trust from the client, so I am always grateful to those who allow me to work this way.

I was happy to receive very positive feedback from ES several days after the energetic clearing:

“I’m still not sure how it works but the improvements speak for themselves. I am pain free since it has taken effect and considering I was bedridden less than a week ago it is quite remarkable!” ES

I have spoken at length about distant healing and why it works already, so we can simply say that the nature of our reality is actually “quantum” – everything is energy, and we are all connected. We just need to be open to this idea, belief is not a requirement as this is a true statement. Consciousness has no limits.**

Jaime Tanna

SRT/SpR Teacher, and Founder & Director of Energy Therapy

To book an in-person or remote SRT session with Jaime, visit: http://www.energytherapy.biz/spiritualresponsetherapy/

To book an in-person or remote SpR session with Jaime, visit: http://www.energytherapy.biz/spiritualresponsetherapy/spiritualrestructuring.php

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**For some (if not many!), I understand that the idea of receiving “distant healing” may be too much to entertain. For those people, I would like to point out that even though I am very comfortable with the idea (and practical application) of distant healing now, it required a complete paradigm shift for me when I first came across it. However, at that point in time, I decided to explore and validate whether or not it was true for me. Synchronous events followed.

Rather than rejecting the notion of healing at a distance, I therefore simply invite those who may be (rightly) skeptical to toss the idea in an imaginary box, and just let it sit with you for a while. No acceptance or rejection – just neutrality.