Simplifying your life with SRT – Replacing confusion with clarity

shutterstock_90074638Spiritual Response Therapy, affectionately known as SRT, is a wonderful process of self-discovery, as well as a powerful method of inner purification.

For those in the know, we understand the process of SRT is about “clearing energies” (the negative ones!).

When we hit challenges, these are actually key opportunities for growth – but, often, we can get stuck in the emotions that we generate from within. Frustration, helplessness, revenge, bitterness, unforgiveness… these are all common energies that surface to be healed. If we don’t deal with them, they get pushed down inside, and they play havoc in our lives and relationships.

Only an understanding of why these energies (emotions) surface really helps us to put things into their correct perspective. Emotions that are not dealt with go into our “backpack”, and get heavier and heavier with the passage of time.

The truth of the matter is that we all have an Inner Being that is connected to a source of great power and infinite wisdom. There are many names for this source… the Soul, the Higher Self, Divinity and God are all names that have been given to this mysterious power.

Whatever label you want to put on it, the fact is that most people have forgotten how to call upon this source of love to guide them in their daily affairs. They feel that spirituality has nothing to do with material things but nothing could be further from the truth… Everything in this world is a but a reflection of unseen energies!

On the other hand, there are others who blindly follow the path of their religious teachings, within any serious inquiry as to whether all of the laws, rules and practices they follow are appropriate for them. Many are valid, but many are not.

Thankfully, spirituality is broader than religion, and can inform one’s desire to live a religious life, and also a life that is not overtly religious at all.

If you wish to fully enjoy your life, and to reap the most from your day to day, the key is to listen to the desires of your Soul and not just the desires of your Personality. If you are struggling, and find yourself trying to get through each day, rather than looking to see what you can get from each day, then you have most likely lost your way. You have lost touch with your True Self.

The choice is certainly not material versus spiritual. It is about making material choices that honour your spiritual self whilst in the physical body. This way you have “the best of both worlds”, quite literally.

When was the last time you woke up feeling excited about your day ahead, for no reason in particular? When was the last time you had that fabulous, head to toe feeling of joy!

In today’s fragmented, overloaded world, we need simple methods to help us tune back in, and to help us simplify our choices of living and interacting with each other. The conscious mind can easily become overwhelmed, distracted and confused by the constant bombardment of information that is happening as a result of major advances in technology. Many psychological illnesses are on the rise, as well as physical ones, stemming from our failure to recognise and honour our inner guidance.

We desperately need more of us to access our inner selves, so we can find the clarity and peace that is our birthright, and help us create a better world to live in.

SRT is one such tool.

Having an SRT clearing can be enormously empowering. I have seen it many times over the years, and still continue to witness miracles in the lives of my clients – some small, some big. As the grey clouds lift, a dazzling light illumines the path ahead.

The method of SRT can help us to contact this Inner Power again, with confidence that there is a power working for our highest and best good at all times.

Of course, learning SRT is better than simply having a clearing, although having a clearing is usually the first step for most. Just a few minutes of clearing negativity each day can revolutionise one’s life. No longer are we stuck in the “daily grind” of life that we have unwittingly co-created for ourselves.

Clearing through SRT gives us the ability to express ourselves positively in virtually all situations again, and this starts to become the default response. Unconscious reaction is replaced by deliberate, aware, loving responses to life’s biggest questions.

When we are clear, no longer will we allow ourselves to tolerate petty grievances and grudges because we understand the pain of carrying these energies inside. How liberating!

Once you move forward, aided by your Higher Self, you will never allow yourself to be pulled back into the fears and limitations of the past, or to drift aimlessly towards your future.

Your awareness will keep changing and you will keep seeing life from new vantage points. A magic will begin to flow through you as you find yourself emerging fearless, light, and free… as the invisible chains from present and past incarnations begin to dissipate and fall away.

Of course, no one can make you walk the path of your Soul and Higher Self. You have to willingly choose to step onto the road less travelled.

And so it is.

Jaime Tanna

SRT/SpR Teacher, and Founder & Director of Energy Therapy

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To book an in-person or remote SpR session with Jaime, visit:

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